a SNORKOTEL is a hotel/resort where you can snorkel right off the beach

The German founder of SNORKOTEL™ has visited 150 countries and stayed in more than a thousand hotels and resorts. This included "beach resorts" of all kinds, both with crystal-clear turquoise paradise water and murky crocodile swamplands. He hates when he pays for a 5-star holiday and gets a jellyfish-infested, trashed crocodile swampland beach.

The SNORKOTEL team has spent a couple of months (!) in 2017 researching & creating this map, showing you ONLY those hotels and resorts that have a beach with crystal-clear snorkeling water right at their doorstep, for the perfect holiday with turtles, baby sharks, rays, colorful corals and little nemo. Right off the hotel beach, you won't even cross a road!

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5 Star Hotels only: